Which TLD is right for you?

Top Level Domains (TLDs) play an important role when it comes to having the right domain name, and you always want to have the right one for your business (or any online endeavors for that matter). There are an abundance of TLD’s to look at, but we’re going to walk you through some of the major ones (as well as why you should consider using them). There are tons of different reasons why you should pick a particular TLD, and if you don’t know what those reasons are you could make the wrong decision. The most common TLD’s you’re going to see are .com and .org (even .net in some specific cases), but those aren’t the ones you need to be using. There’s a lot of different options, so the information we’re providing here really is a gold mine.


The .com domain is ideal or any businesses (or individuals) who want to be known as an American operation. More specifically they want to be known as a United States webpage, and that’s why so many of the sites we see today withhold the .com TLD. Not only that, but most people think that .com is the norm when it comes to domain names, and they would be right. Whenever you type something in your browser the automatic recommendation is “yourphrasehere.com”, and that’s because so many people prefer to use the .com TLD over others.


This is the TLD that most Canadian webmasters make use of, and it’s pretty much for the simple fact that they want to be known as such. Being Canadian is always something to be proud of (as is any other heritage), so it’s always nice to ensure your consumers where your base of operations is. This is especially useful if your target market is a Canadian audience, because authenticity is something that every visitor can enjoy.


Non-profit organizations make prevalent use of the .org TLD, and it’s pretty obvious why. Organizations need to be known as such, and this TLD is the perfect way to let your visitors know what you’re about. This isn’t always the case, as you could just try and find a high quality domain that’s been registered under .com, but not .net or .org. There are a bunch of different situations that call for a .org or a .net, so it’s nice to keep these in mind.


Pretty much the same thing with this, appealing to your local crowd with a familiar TLD will always draw in a larger crowd. Sometimes you want to be represented from another region if you’re trying to reach a different crowd, which is why most businesses register a domain under multiple TLD’s (so they can control multiple regions regarding that specific domain).

There’s a whole list of circumstances that call for each of these TLD’s, and all you’ve got to do is weigh your options. When you think about it you’re going to get the best possible answer sooner or later, just be sure to refer to this article when you’re choosing or consult with the experts at Sphere – IT Support Company of London